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Spirts and Fortified Wines

Compliance with the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act 1996

Summarising the ERMA Compliance Guide ER-CG-21-01 03/07 www.ermanz.govt.nz

The Dangerous Goods legislation previously set requirements to manage the flammability hazard when storing alcoholic beverages. These requirements have been carried over to the new HSNO rules.


  • Person in Charge from:   1st January 2007
  • Location Test Certificate (LTC):   1st January 2008

NB:  Premises equipped with drainage, fire drenchers and vapour detection systems and where tanks are constructed of stainless steel or other approved material may not require a LTC

Where there is on-site alcohol in containers over 5 litres (l):

@ 15 – 50% alcohol by volume (abv); total 500 l in closed containers; or
  250 l in open containers
@ >50% abv  100 l in closed containers: or
  50 l in open containers

NB: “open” is defined as open or where containers may be opened on the premises

  • Stationary Container Systems Certificates (SCSC):Stationary Container Systems Certificates (SCSC): 1st July 2008*
For Bulk Tanks; >2,500 l containing products with a Flashpoint of <23°C; or
  >5,000 l containing products with a Flashpoint of >23°C

NB: If dispensation is applied for by a Test Certifier *1st July 2009

  • Signage warning of the presence of flammable liquidsSignage warning of the presence of flammable liquids1st July 2008
  • Approved Handlers (AH):1st January 2009

Required where: 250 l in >5 l containers @ >50%abv

NB: If a LTC or AH certificate is held for ethanol (ERMA Approval Code HSR001144) and the renewal date for any certificate falls due prior to the above dates the certificates for alcoholic beverages shall be obtained by the earlier date


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